What if you could identify costly dimensional problems before they happen?

We’ll measure prototype, scale-up and production parts, comparing our findings to nominal dimensions. We can also help you identify potential dimensional build issues that may violate specifications.

Save Time and Money

You’ll save money by avoiding costly re-runs, scrap and/or warranty claims. And, if you already have a part that is outside required specifications, Diverse Dimensions can help you trace the problem to the root cause and recommend corrective action.

Are you confident that your machines will produce products that are on-time, in-spec, and on budget?

We measure and test the dimensional integrity of your parts and manufacturing equipment at various stages of the manufacturing process. The end result is a machine with components that work in harmony to deliver consistently high throughput and product quality.

Diverse Dimensions provided an invaluable service in the investigation of one of our major unsolved cases. Jeff Mass and his team were quick to assist in scanning and analyzing a key “piece of the puzzle”, and went the extra mile to produce a quality product beyond our expectations.Kent County Sheriff Investigative Bureau

Deliver your parts and fixtures with confidence—”Dialing in” a Caterpillar fixture before shipment to the customer.

Portability—Measuring the spindle on a CNC machine onsite at the customer’s facility.

Measuring weldment at machining center just after processing to ensure quality.

Speak with a laser scanning specialist to learn more how
Diverse Dimensions can help you.