When it comes to precise portable measurements for manufacturing and engineering projects, Faro Arms are one of the most precise, versatile, and efficient tools to use. As trusted metrology experts, Diverse Dimensions is here to provide precise measurement solutions. Whether your team needs to rent a Faro Arm or have us measure for you, our team has you covered.

A man using a Faro Arm for precise measurement.

Faro Arm Rentals for Your Metrology Needs

As a one-stop shop for metrology needs, we’re happy to provide you with a variety of Faro Arms and scanners that are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) compliant for quality measurements and inspections you can trust.

Renting Faro Arm equipment is perfect for businesses that have a Faro Arm that is getting re-certified, broken, out for repair, or simply need more measurement horsepower. We also offer laptop rentals complete with PolyWorks software to eliminate downtime and free access to our online library of PolyWorks training videos. With various portable rental duration options, we’ve got you covered so you can complete your measurement analysis!

Should you feel your project requires a trained and experienced technician, we would be happy to discuss that with you as well.

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New to Using Faro Arm? Let Us Do the Work

If your business is new to using FARO equipment for precise measurements or you only need a CMM for a few projects, we recommend hiring our team of experts. A common misconception in precise CMM is that buying a Faro arm will save you money, but unless you have a team member who’s familiar with it, the learning curve required does not lead to a quick return on investments. If you’re not ready to go about inspections alone, give us a call.

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