Faro Arm Rental

Faro Arm rentals will allow you to use the system for a short period of time, or test it out prior to making the purchase. It is also convenient to fill in the measurement gap during overflow time periods, or if your Faro Arm is out for re-certification.

Flexible & Convenient Faro Arm Rentals

Our Faro Arm rental system is available on a weekly and monthly basis to customers just about anywhere. If you’re in a pinch, shipments can even be made overnight.

Our Faro Arm inventory includes a variety of setups to accommodate your needs.

Calibrated and Ready for Action

Our Faro Arm rental equipment and scanners are calibrated to NIST standards and come with a laptop that is fitted with PolyWorks software.

Includes PolyWorks software

and free access to

our exclusive library of online PolyWorks training videos.

Contact us to discuss your Faro Arm rental needs and to review pricing.