Laser Scanning backed by a CMM

Combine the best of all worlds with CMM probing and scanning. By selecting the optimal angle for each scan pass we can deliver the highest quality scan data. Scanning can also speed up the measurement process for large quantity runs.

Large volume. High accuracy

With a measurement volume of 100″ x 60″ x 50″ we can accommodate very small and very large parts.

Visual Reporting

No more spreadsheets! We’re running Polyworks on our CMM, giving us the ability to generate highly visual, pictorial reports which are easy to understand.

CMM Applications

CMMs are time-tested and trusted to deliver highly accurate data time after time. From 30 piece studies to one-off parts the CMM will tell you exactly what’s going on.

  • Dimensional Analysis & Inspection

    Identify nonconformities that affect part, item, or assembly performance.

  • First Article Inspection (FAI)

    Ensure conformance with design specifications.

  • Capability Studies

    Measure process capability (SPC, Cpk) and identify area of improvement.

  • Part to CAD Comparison

    Compare 3-dimensional scan data to a CAD model.

  • PPAP

    Production Part Approval Process

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