Supreme precision for large objects.

When your project requires highly accurate measurements on a large-scale, laser tracking is an ideal solution. Being portable, we can come to you when transporting is not an option. From bridges to assembly lines, no job is too big. Trust our accomplished, highly trained technicians to deliver the information you need to make the best-informed decisions, fast.

Laser Tracking Applications

Laser tracking can help improve processes and performance in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Machine and shaft alignment

  • CNC Calibration

  • Dimensional inspection

  • Machine installation, alignment, and maintenance

  • Part and assembly inspection

  • Plant floor layouts, and equipment relocation

  • Tool, die, and mold building

  • Reverse engineering

Uses and Benefits of Laser Tracking

Laser trackers are useful tools for both inspection and reverse engineering. Whether confirming the location of components or precisely recording their location to make reassembly a breeze, laser trackers provide the information you need when you need it.

Precise and accurate

Accurate to 10 microns (.010 mm/.00039 in), laser tracking offers precise measurements while eliminating human error.

Minimizes impact to your business

On-site laser scanning reduces equipment downtime while generating rapid results.

Portable and Versatile

Usable inside or out, laser scanners can easily measure large parts and assemblies.

Supplies Continuous Measurements

Monitor position throughout the entire path of travel to check for inconsistencies.

Produces Results On-Site

Our experienced technicians can give readings on-site, further reducing downtime.

Industries that Benefit from Laser Tracking

Aerospace & Defense

Jig component inspection, large component assembly, die inspections, first article inspections, wear monitoring, and more.


Creation and inspection of dies, checking specifications of final products, alignment checks, machine tool accuracy and repeatability, robot calibration, deformation, and dynamic measurement, and more.

Energy & Power

Turbine inspections, tool inspection, routine maintenance, monitor vibration and settling, machining assistance, and more.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Roll alignment, tool inspection, routine maintenance, monitor vibration and settling of heavy equipment, machining assistance, and more.
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