Medical device manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers are beholden to tight industry regulations and requirements. Down the line, this translates to a high need for precision, accuracy, and repeatability. At the same time, you have to keep up with the medical industry’s constant drive to improve. Diverse Dimensions understands this, and has the medical measurement services to meet these needs.

From switching material suppliers, tooling, or formulations to troubleshooting a part or piece of equipment to onshoring production, we can provide the data you need, with the sample sizes you need to be statistically significant. Furthermore, we can provide the data and medical measurement services to help you gain FDA approval and meet other medical regulations. We can also help you interpret the data and the findings based on your needs, be it a better understanding of what’s going on, a potential issue and how to fix it, or the right places to look to answer questions.

In fact, Diverse Dimensions excels in this consultative role. Especially when we get involved during P-PAP (Production Part Approval Process). Consulting early in product development and tooling development allows us to inspect and re-inspect throughout the development process. Walking alongside you throughout these processes ensures the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Medical Metrology Solutions

Through CT scanning, reverse engineering, inspections and more, we give our customers the high-resolution, accurate data they need in as-built formats.

CT Scanning for Medical Manufacturing

When working in an industry as highly regulated as medical and healthcare, accuracy and reliability are absolutely essential. Our CT scanning creates a complete digital twin, allowing us to analyze every structural and dimensional aspect of the item.

Appropriately, our CT scans work a lot like a medical CT scanning machine, generating precise data from which we can reverse engineer to CAD, perform inspections, analyze structures and materials, and perform FEA with as-built data.

CT scanning is non-destructive, even on sterilized parts still in the packaging. Because we can get a complete analysis of all internal and external components, we can perform non-invasive CT scans on sterilized objects still in their packaging or boxes.

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Reverse Engineering

Many of our medical clients understand the importance of metrology and know exactly what they want. Sometimes, what they want is initially unattainable, either because of the common-across-all-industries issue of lost CAD files or even because of a refusal for a third-party manufacturer to supply the information needed to generate a part.

This is one area in which reverse engineering can be particularly helpful to medical device manufacturers: being able to recreate the parts that are inaccessible for whatever reason. 

Reverse engineering is also essential to medical device manufacturers who are always seeking improvement and have the budgets for doing so. No matter how effective a device may be, the medical industry is always asking, can it be better? Reverse engineering helps analyze every aspect of a device and find areas for potential improvement.

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CMM Laser and Probing for Medical and Healthcare

When you need a large volume of items inspected and a level of high accuracy, CMM Laser and Probing is the right solution. Ideal for first article inspection (FAI), P-PAP, capability studies, and more, CMM Laser and Probing can give you the answers or statistical confidence you need.

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3D Laser Scanning for Medical Manufacturing

Another way to seek constant improvement is through inspections with 3D Laser Scanning. Detailed, accurate data generation and interpretation leads to inspection reports, STL files, CAD models, and more. We work with the most precise data to analyze and ensure accuracy throughout the entire process.

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Diverse Dimensions Medical Experience

We work with tooling engineers, program managers, quality managers, product engineers and even other metrology companies on medical devices and medical equipment. This is just a small sample of the medical measurement work we’ve done.

  • Hip replacement part
  • Hospital bed controls
  • O-rings on diagnostic equipment
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