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3D laser scanning quickly and accurately captures every surface of your part, assembly, or product, providing insights that are unattainable with traditional measurement equipment. We can analyze complex geometries, compare one part to another and create CAD models all from the same dataset. No part is too big and no distance too far – our equipment is portable, so we can come to you.

Uses for Laser Scanning

Laser scanning has many uses throughout the manufacturing industry and is even used in academia, forensics, and the arts.

  • Analysis from as-built data

  • Modeling and reverse engineering.

  • Non-destructive and non-contact

  • Product and process optimization

  • Portable

The primary benefits of laser scanning are:
Faster product development

3D laser scanning can capture up to one million data points per second, so you can get a detailed analysis fast, reducing development time and saving you money.

Improved product quality

Accurate to 20 microns (.020mm/.0008”), laser scanning provides trustworthy data that quickly identifies issues and presents findings in a visual and easy to understand manner.

Saves money

One scan can be used to generate multiple data outputs, delivering numerous insights to help you reduce inspection costs, improve production, and more.

Laser Scanning Applications

We have experience in every industry, and with a wide variety of applications. Trust your project to our experienced metrology professionals.

  • Dimensional Analysis & Inspection

    Identify nonconformities that affect part, item, or assembly performance.

  • First Article Inspection (FAI)

    Ensure conformance with design specifications.

  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T) Analysis

    Test flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, cylindricity, concentricity, maximum material conditions, and position tolerance in coordinate systems.

  • Part to CAD Comparison

    Compare 3-dimensional scan data to a CAD model.

  • Part to Part Comparison

    Check differences between cavities, suppliers, and processes.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Create a CAD model from as-built data. Data available in STL, STEP or IGES formats.

Available Data Outputs & File Formats

Your 3D scan will be delivered in the file format(s) best suited to your needs. Available data outputs include:
Polygonal model: STL, OBJ (Supports color)
3D surface model: IGES, STEP

Industries that Benefit from Laser Scanning


Large parts – fuselage, wings, rudders.

Art & Design

Product design, preservation and restoration, counterfeit detection, digital museum tours, and more.


Part and tool validation, in-process checks, alignment checks, robot calibration, body in white measurements, deformation and dynamic measurement, and more.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Quality control, rapid prototyping, machine and tool maintenance, calibration, alignment, and more.

Injection Molding

Mold and part validation, part to part comparison, and golden part creation.

Medical & Dental

Orthopedics, prosthetics, medical devices and instruments, and more.

Tool and Die

Tool and mold checks. Shrink calculation.
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