Custom PolyWorks Implementation

Our goal for any PolyWorks programming is to make it work for you, which is why we customize each implementation to meet your end users’ needs, and our experience across multiple industries makes it easy for us to understand those needs. Whether your desired outputs are simple or complex, we can quickly and easily deploy PolyWorks inspection software in your metrology lab.

As part of deployment, our expert PolyWorks programmer will work with your operator(s) to debug and QA it, optimizing the quality of your in-house measurement and inspection process going forward.

Why Outsource PolyWorks Programming to Diverse Dimensions?

While having your own seat of PolyWorks metrology software in-house might be an essential service for you, your time and capabilities to program it, especially to your needs, might not be sufficient. By outsourcing your Polyworks Programming to Diverse Dimensions, you can rely on our expertise, experience, and credibility while your company continues to benefit from running and owning your PolyWorks software.

Benefits of PolyWorks Programming

  • Faster and more efficient implementation
  • Our experience and expertise ensure proper setup
  • Saves labor and eliminates the need for an in-house programmer
  • Only pay for the service as needed
  • Customized to your needs and desired output(s)
  • Debugging and QA included
  • Proper PolyWorks programming enhances the quality and validity of your measurement and inspection processes

Need Measurement or Data Processing Support?

We can help alleviate your workload, expedite the number of parts being measured, and/or process data to support your measurement or quality department and reduce any strain they may be under. Review our services to see how we can help.

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PolyWorks Authorized Trainers

Our programmers have seen it all. Once we’ve created your program, we can provide a one day, on-site training to go through the program and ensure your satisfaction and make any optimizations. If you’re interested in learning what we know, check out our training page to learn more

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