Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering Services

Create CAD data from an existing part or prototype.
Compare measured data to your existing CAD model to ensure dimensional integrity.

Experienced Professionals, Onsite Convenience

We’ll come to you. Our on-site laser scanning ability automatically creates precise CAD models from any physical part. Or send us your parts to scan and we’ll deliver the laser scanning results including the files you requested, notes and pictures of how your part was processed.

Accurate Data Delivered Quickly

Using the latest 3D scanning reverse engineering services and technology, we deliver exactly what you need with speed and precision.

The Best Technology

Introducing our newest measurement arm— The Quantum S reverse engineering arm, the most accurate FaroArm ever produced which delivers the highest level of performance to meet even the most challenging of tolerances. The repeatability and accuracy of the Quantum S portable CMM arm is unparalleled and has been tested under the most extreme factory-stress testing to ensure consistent quality.

Downloadable Sample Data

We built a part and included multiple file formats for you to download. Feel free to watch the video for more details.

The training I received with Jeff and his team was unparalleled to any I have received before. Things I had been struggling with or did not quite understand were presented in a manner that I could completely wrap my mind around and could then explain to others. The hands on approach that they used helped me grasp the machine and software workings and capabilities. I highly recommend Diverse Dimensions to not only new users but also veteran users.C & S Machine & Manufacturing Corp.
Quality Engineering


Speak with a laser scanning specialist to learn more how
Diverse Dimensions and reverse engineering services can help you.